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Published on October 6th, 2015 | by Emily Flake


BIRTHING PLANS: Comics by Emily Flake from MAMA TRIED

Birth Plans


What? Want More?? Here’s the book:


Mama Tried is not a parenting manual. I do not have any particularly sage advice for parents; my daughter is, as I write this, still quite young. The ways in which my husband and I have damaged her have yet to manifest in any noticeable sense. We will make mistakes. Hopefully we’ll get some things right. Someday, God willing, she will be an adult. I very much hope she never has to be a general in the human rebel army in the great robot wars once the Internet becomes sentient and tries to kill us all, because all this foofaraw about child-led weaning and whether or not cry-it-out is cruel is going to look awfully stupid. That said, the point of this book is to spelunk around in the dark places, where we keep our fear, our petty jealousy, our ineptitude, our fatigue—to go there, find these things, and make fun of them. If it can help a mom breastfeeding at 4am feel a little comic relief or provide a dad with a moment of levity when he’s on the toilet trying desperately to finish taking a shit before his daughter wakes up, I will feel like I have done some small measure of good in the world.

You can buy Emily Flake’s new memoir, MAMA TRIED–starting today!–at your local indie bookstore and anywhere else comics and books and such are sold. 

[Reprinted with permission from Grand Central Publishing, Copyright ©2015 by Emily Flake]

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About the Author

Emily Flake’s new memoir is Mama Tried: Dispatches from the Seamy Underbelly of Modern Parenting. She regularly cartoons for The New Yorker, and writes and draws a weekly strip called Lulu Eightball (Atomic Books), which has been assembled into two collections. In 2007, she wrote and illustrated These Things Ain’t Gonna Smoke Themselves (Bloomsbury USA). Her illustrations and cartoons appear in publications all over the world, including the New York Times, Newsweek, the Globe and Mail, The Onion, The New Statesman, and Forbes

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