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Published on December 21st, 2018 | by Mutha Magazine


Love and RAGE: MUTHA’s Most Popular Posts of 2018

Hey there: it’s been a year.

Round up time! These are the top-read posts from MUTHA Magazine published from December 2017-December 2018, some hilarious and others heartbreaking, and all honest, as we “raise babies in end of days….”

Dive in.

From essays to comics to confessions to poems to rants to fanfic (yep)… we’re proud of what we publish. Thank you to all our writers and readers.

We’ll see you in January.


TOTALLY FINE, ALSO RAGE by Elizabeth Beauvais

“It’s ubiquitous, this feeling, and it never shows up on Facebook’s highlight reels.”


A Comic About My Bad Ass Grandmother, aka Nag Finger by Lisa Lim

“My brother always got more money than me in his red envelope on Chinese New Year…”


Things I Regret Saying, A Co-Parenting Comic by Molly McIntyre

“My patience for adults to have big emotions is practically non-existent”


A Deduction: What Motherhood Takes Away (PS This is Actually Fanfic) by Tabitha Carvan

“When you’re about to become a mother, people tell you, all the time, “Ooh, you won’t know what’s hit you!” That makes it sound exciting. And so I entered motherhood in the brace position waiting for the dramatic crash landing, one where we’d get to go down those inflatable slides and then have a great survivor’s story to tell.”


The Common Denominator: An Inventory on the State of Motherhood in America by Gina Frangello

“In a misogynistic world, the ultimate coup of the patriarchy is convincing women to perpetuate the system ourselves.”


UNSCHOOLING: Why More Black Families are Joining This Radical Education Movement by Anthonia Akitunde (reprinted on MUTHA from Mater Mea)

“Black kids won’t experience belief gap—the gap between what their teachers believe they can achieve and what students can actually achieve—under the encouraging watch of their parents.”


Not Our Choice: A Comic on a Big Decision for a Tiny Person by Cara Gormally

“Suddenly, we were responsible for another human being.”


Raising Babies in End of Days by Jade Sanchez-Ventura

“Why do we insist on telling the dystopic version?”


No One is Watching by Sarah Stuteville

“I should have shoplifted more while I was pregnant.”



“You have to understand, no one talked to me about anything.”


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