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MUTHA UP at the San Francisco Lit Crawl THIS WEEKEND!

MUTHA Magazine is back at Lit Crawl, with mamas on the mic telling stories about the joy and heartbreak and madness of keeping it real with kids — including fiction, memoir, and comics (projected on screen for live reading!).

With the awesome-st Tyler Cohen emcee’ing, sharing her graphic narratives and the stage with memoirists and novelists and incredible MUTHAs: Sharline Chiang, Renee Macalino Rutledge, Allegra Hirschman and fellow cartoonist Rina Ayuyang.

One of the most anticipated literary nights of the year, San Francisco’s Lit Crawl attracts close to 10,000 people, and is the world’s largest such event. Get drunk on words! We’re phase 2, so a good in-between spot to check out Paxton Gate’s Curiosities For Kids. BABIES (ETC) CAN DEFINITELY COME IN THIS PART OF THE LITCRAWL! (Though we’re not promising it’s PG). So if you have wanted to make a show and were like, hmmm bars + babies is tricky, YOU CAN COME TO OUR SHOW! Everyone else should come, too. Along with the rest of their curious goods, the store has partnered with My Family Builders to offer a special discount for all Litquake participants.

Here’s from our friends at Paxton’s Gate:

“These are toys that empower children to explore a world of possibilities by offering some of the most diverse representations of families and friends we have ever experienced on the market. • Create one-of-a-kind characters and families, with over 6000 possible combinations.

• Thick wooden shapes and water based non-toxic tested paint. Built to last!
• A catalyst for conversation– a tool for parents and educators to talk about diversity and love.
• The perfect gift for all families, teachers, and classrooms.

The 25% discount is available to all LitQuake visitors the day of the event.”

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