Published on December 1st, 2016 | by Samantha Barrow


RUBY BOOBIE–Poems by Samantha Barrow


3:47 AM


I’m up with cold raviolis

& strawberries in the toddler bed

while my son sleeps snuffling on the couch

in the living room


about the word “no”

he whines aloud

in a dream

then softens and deepens his


sweeter than cake

I imagine him tasting

a world

that stops

when he wants






She leans into my breast

like a teenage boy

kissing with too much tongue

mouth open & sloppy wide

moving her lips side to side with her whole neck


I feel like the most luscious pillow

wet and


with promise

of eternal rest



“Ruby Red Slippers” by Gwen / Flickr Creative Commons


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About the Author

Samantha Barrow writes poems and some prose while directing the Humanities in Medicine at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at The City College of New York, and teaching in the Program of Narrative Medicine at Columbia.

She is the author of GRIT and tender membrane (Plan B Press), Jelly (a chapbook, Tiger / Monkey Alliance), and Chap (self published).  Her poetry, prose, reviews and interviews have been published in The Ledge Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia City Paper, Off Our Backs, Lesbian Nation, Feminist Review, The Intima, Cleaver, Helmet Hair and two Uphook Press Anthologies: “you say. say.” and “Hell Strung and Crooked.

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