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Published on March 18th, 2014 | by Erika Martinez


POETRY by Erika Martinez


 blood moon new

slim line dark

maroon drools from my womb

connecting vulva

to pooled water below

three menstrual decades elapsed

unable to stuff minutes or months

under the folds of my breasts

as i wait,

stare between thighs

i want to contain clots

with cupped hands

since earth welcomed me

with finite time

to give life

palms opened to say,

look, this scares me

am i losing pieces

of myself?

how do you bleed?

perhaps this is the end

of choice between two

possible regrets

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Lemny Perez


your little spirit taunts

would it help to know

we would have welcomed you with purple

brought you home to bouquets of hydrangeas

pain is a violet bassoon

bellowing alone

to a concert hall filled with ghosts

hope bumps                bruises

and ice can only numb

this body black and blued

as i imagine you

with curls gathered in lilac ribbons     you

running through a field of lavender     you

indulging in a bowl of blueberries


as i imagine you

erika martinez mutha banner copy

Lemny Perez


biting winds slice through my nothingness

through this tree-lined street littered with maple leaves

jack-o’-lanterns heckle me from window sills

from thresholds and crooked stoops

october can only be the month when we first conceived

i tested positive the day i dressed myself

in carrot-colored skinny jeans and paisley

then explored sonoma valley vineyards where canopy foliage

like never-ending orange streamers

unrolled over the landscape

it’s been a year since then

a baby mesmerizes me

feeding himself cubes of squash with his pudgy fingers

his mother thrusts him into my arms

as if contact with his flesh

could pull me from murky currents of loss

but sorrow inundates with rapid reminders

of what will never be

as friends flaunt mother-daughter snapshots in pumpkin patches

i comfort myself with bundles of marigolds

carnelian stones in my pocket

and at the end of a sleepless night

i look for mars in the sky

just before dawn

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About the Author

Erika M. Martínez is the editor of the forthcoming anthology, Daring to Write: Contemporary Narratives by Dominican Women. Recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship and a Hedgebrook Writing Residency, she holds an MFA in English and Creative Writing from Mills College in Oakland, CA where she currently resides. Her writing was adapted for the stage and has been featured in several publications including the anthologies, Homelands: Women’s Journeys Across Race, Place and Time (Seal Press) and Wise Latinas: Writers on Higher Education (University of Nebraska Press). She has taught creative writing in the Dominican Republic and is the editor of the annual Middle & High School Voices for the National Writing Project in New Hampshire. She is working on a memoir and her first poetry collection, One Day My Hand Will Touch the Ceiling. To find out more about her work visit

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