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Sophie Wyndam

Sophie Wyndham is a writer and marketing consultant based in Spain, where she spends her days soaking up history and sun with her magical daughter, conceived after years of infertility and loss, which she writes about in her first book, Fragile and Perfectly Cracked: A Memoir of Loss and Infertility.  When you tell people you’re pregnant, nobody ever says, “congratulations, but you could lose it.”  A recent NPR survey showed that the majority of Americans believe that miscarriage is very uncommon, happening in only 6% of pregnancies.  But nearly 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage or fetal demise.  When it happens to you, there is always a period of shock where, in addition to her grief, a woman can often feel as if she is alone, a freak of nature, and that her body failed her.  Eventually people come out of the woodwork and share their own stories, and you start to feel not-so-alone, but those first few days can be crippling.  Sophie talks openly about her losses, and wrote this book because she imagines a world where no woman ever feels like she is the only one who has had this happen.  Where, when a woman goes through a miscarriage, she knows that, as tragic as it is, she is part of a huge tribe of women, and this happens all too often.  Then she can focus on her grief, without feeling like a freak of nature on top of it.

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