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Published on December 19th, 2016 | by Minna Dubin


#MOMLISTS Times Two — and Time to Make Your Own, by Minna Dubin


This is the second installment (read the first) of #Momlists at MUTHA. Our modern-day connector—social media—is a barrage of happy mom-and-tot selfies. I am not living that picturesque motherhood life, and my suspicion is neither is anyone else. In search of an alternative motherhood narrative, I began a guerrilla public art project in the Bay Area, consisting of 150 lists about my early motherhood experiences. Through brutally honest lists that are often mini-memoirs, #MomLists aims to lift the societal surface of motherhood and expose a messier, more resonant truth.

Want to Submit Your Own List to #MomLists?

Want to Express New Motherhood Feelings that Have Arisen Since the Election?

Details Below!

I’m pregnant with #2, due by the end of December 2016. I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from writing and posting once the baby arrives. As I’ve done before in the breaks between cities, I’d like to post one guest list per week on MomLists’ social media. Your guest post can be anonymous or can link to all your social media. You DO NOT have to be a mom to write a #MomList. You can be a dad, a baba, or not a parent at all. But the list has to somehow relate to parenthood. Examples: “What Having-Kids Pressure Looks Like When You’re 38 and Single.” “How I’m talking to my kids about Trump.” “Things Parents Do that Drive Me Crazy.”

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Lists should be between 4 and 12 items long.
  2. Lists may require light editing for clarity. Any edits I make will get author approval before publication.
  3. Submitting does not necessarily mean publication. Please check out the #MomLists Tumblr to see all 100+ lists so far to get a good sense of the project.
  4. While cursing, rage, and sarcasm are fine (and a real part of motherhood!), please keep your lists hate-free.
  5. As this is a tiny one-person passion project, there is no payment for your list. But there’s lots of gratitude and I’ll write you back personally to connect!

Please send all questions and submissions to momlists@gmail.com

Note: “The Third Trimester” is reprinted from Panoplyzine.

#Momlist in the feature image and others can be found on the Tumblr

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About the Author

Minna Dubin (she/her) is a writer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her writing has appeared in The New York TimesSalon, ParentsRomper, The ForwardHobartMUTHA Magazine, and elsewhere. She is the author of MOM RAGE: The Everyday Crisis of Modern Motherhood (September 2023) from Seal Press. You can follow her @minnadubin.

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