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Rebecca Fish Ewan

Rebecca Fish Ewan, founder of Plankton Press (where small is big enough), creates Tiny Joys & GRAPH(feeties) zines. Rebecca has degrees in math, landscape architecture and creative writing and is a writer/poet/cartoonist. She teaches in The Design School at Arizona State University and lives with her family in Tempe. Her work has appeared in Brevity, Femme Fotale, Punctuate, Survivor Zine, Under the Gum Tree and Hip Mama. She has two CNF books, A Land Between and By the Forces of Gravity,  a memoir (forthcoming June 2018 Books by Hippocampus) of cartoons and verse.  Find Rebecca on social media: @rfishewan

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Loose Lips: On Telling

November 21st, 2017 | by Rebecca Fish Ewan

What precisely is the statute of limitations on childhood sexual assault? “It was forty years ago.” No, for me it

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