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Lilly Bright

Born and raised in rural West Virginia, Lilly wears many hats, which makes the question, What do you do?, a particularly lengthy one to answer.  Writer, teacher, poet, mother, business owner, and performer, Lilly has spent the past 13 years in Los Angeles, where she created, amongst other things, Arthouse Films and Curiously Bright Entertainment (www.arthousefilms.com, www.curiouslybright.com), and a humbling, vigorous life with two children (ages 7 & 3) and one outrageously supportive husband.  In addition, Lilly teaches a weekly movement awareness practice called The Feldenkrais Method to anyone who wants to move and breathe and feel a wee bit better in their own skin. Last but definitely not least, Lilly is currently developing her own solo-show and companion memoir scheduled for release in Fall 2017.

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