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Kate Lynch

Kate Lynch has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2002. She lives and practices in Brooklyn, NY.

When her son Ocean was born in 2010, Kate’s focus shifted to mindfully parenting her unique child. He was sensitive and quirky, like his parents. When he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, Kate joined a vibrant community of families with differently wired kids. She continues to learn about advocacy, patience and neurodiversity. Her greatest teacher has been Ocean himself. Everything that informs Kate’s life inspires her yoga practice and teaching. She offers accessible variations and encourages nonjudgmental awareness. One word sums up her intention in all facets: Inclusion.

Kate offers the workshop series  “Mindfully Parenting Differently Wired Kids with Self Care and Empathy.” Her teaching schedule includes small groups, private sessions and retreats.

On her podcast, she talks about the intersection of yoga and meditation with everyday life, offering you the tools that help her get through the day.

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