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Joanna Clapps Herman

Joanna Clapps Herman most recent book No Longer and Not Yet (2014) is a collection of short stories, about raising children on The Upper West Side of Manhattan. A memoir, The Anarchist Bastard (2011) which begins, “I often say that I was born in 1944 but raised in the 15th Century because although I was born in Waterbury, CT, in a New England factory town, in post-WWII, I grew up in a large southern Italian family where the rules were absolute, and customs antiquated.” She is co-editor of two anthologies, Our Roots are Deep with Passion (2006) and Wild Dreams (2008). She has a forthcoming publication of non-fiction essays called Creature Life, SUNY Press, Spring 2017. More at her website www.Joannaclappsherman.com

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