Published on March 9th, 2021 | by Wandajune Bishop-Towle


Why he is not my little boy

Too tall.  
Born too late, too old.

His eyes—lakes of day 
not brown like mine.

He sings too high too loud 
in a language I don’t

speak.  He likes basketball
when I throw for him

watering the garden 
when I hold the hose—

Dad says Smile! 
but he doesn’t look.

I wish he were my boy.  I want 
to believe that in his song 

he wishes he were too.

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About the Author

Wandajune Bishop-Towle is a poet and a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts.  She is the proud stepmother of a young man with autism, who is a frequent subject of her poems.  Her work has appeared in Quiddity, poemmemoirstory, and The Comstock Review, among others.

One Response to Why he is not my little boy

  1. Herman Bishop says:

    WJB T. He knows you are the best Mom he has ever had, I know it too, because I am your Dad. ❤️

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