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Published on November 1st, 2019 | by Maria Photinakis


Liminal State: The Descent

Liminal State is a comic about giving birth in a time of grief; it will be published over four installments. This is Part II.

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About the Author

Maria Photinakis is an illustrator and comic book artist exploring autobiographical narratives about resilience, alienation, self-discovery, and immigrant experiences. Her professional background is in journalism, and she started making comics in 2014. She has self-published several zines and minicomics including a YA horror in space “Red Flag”, and has been published in several successfully crowdfunded anthologies, including “Boundless #1: A Science Education Anthology,” “SubCultures,” and “Why Faith?”  She is currently developing a graphic novel about generational trauma and the Greek civil war. Maria lives in Waltham, Massachusetts and enjoys traveling with her husband and daughter and sketching their adventures. Her website is and her Instagram is @mphotinakis.

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