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Published on October 8th, 2019 | by Phoebe Cohen


Moms’ Support Groups Discriminate Against Poor Moms: A Comic

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About the Author

Phoebe Cohen

Phoebe Cohen has walked many paths in life including living in the middle of the Gobi desert as a Peace Corps volunteer and working as a paramedic in several states. Her hardest job by far, however, is being a single mother to her beautiful son. She is hoping, through her comic strips, to send a message to other single parents and parents with autistic children that they are not alone in this world. Not by a long shot. Cohen’s work has been featured on Graphic Medicine and she regularly posts her work about being a paramedic on her website “The Overcaffeinated Medic.” Cohen is also developing a webcomic about her experiences as a single mother, tentatively titled “So Very Tired,” which is due to come out this summer in 2019.

3 Responses to Moms’ Support Groups Discriminate Against Poor Moms: A Comic

  1. Avatar Kaitlin says:

    Ughhh that chipper, condescending “Nope! This will be your time Mommy!” Seen that so many times. There’s not much compassion or room for discussion there.
    This is perfect.

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  3. This is so relatable, and mine are in University now, and of course I still remember that sting! I found mommies like me tho’ !!!! Oh that was so funny—wouldn’t want to meet at a strangers house! Don’t want the kids with me! LOL

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