Published on September 5th, 2017 | by Rebecca Smolen


Renewal: POEMS




This morning I left you lying in our bed

sleeping to the c-pap lullaby.

I got dressed, brushed my teeth

and still I hesitated to wake you


though I wanted to, I wanted you.

I went downstairs to make us tea

I wiped those tears into my Sunday sweatshirt

beginning to swell,


high tide swiftly approaching.

I chose the easy love though.

Our babies are

ecstatic at my entrance.


Their embrace around my waist,

their heads pushing hard into my gut,

their passion penetrating my womb

the way they were cut from it.


One short of breath and with furrowed brow

the other barely waiting for face exposed,

screaming lovely exuberance into the world.

Both having hair from a sailors delight.


The spout of the teapot now hot and angry;

the distance between us the same.

It gets mixed into meals,

stranded in the floor that usually separates us

or even trapped inside my pillow that you’ll find

still warm and pitted like broken sleep.


I wait for you, and run my hands

through the steam curling upward

disappearing between my fingers,

longing to put back time.



All the Colors


My daughter exclaims to me

her artistic plan.

She dips the frayed bristles into

each crisp color,

slowly, calculated.

Romantically circles her brush

then angrily strikes sharp lines.

The whole canvas finishes in waves of brown.

Only the very edges have any remnants of a rainbow

and she is proud.


Feature Photo (hands) by Amaury Salas on Unsplash

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About the Author

Rebecca is a Portland-based writer, transplanted here in 2014 with a deep love for short story, poetry and animals. She grew up on a dead end road in NH exploring drainage pipes and pond life. She uses the written word to help release a little of the intense darkness few know is there.

Having a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in Philosophy, it only made sense for Rebecca to pursue a beloved career as a Veterinary Technician where she has learned to serve as a mediator between the furry and not.


5 Responses to Renewal: POEMS

  1. Gail says:

    Beautifull poetry on life. So grateful to read published work by Becca. Keep writing this deep spoken language .

    River Love. Gail

  2. Amaury says:

    Hi Rebbeca.

    I`m the author of the photo, I got here because of the track of in google (to avoid bad use of copyright), and when arriving here I got a nice sorprise with your poem. It`s beautiful. Thank you for sharing it and using my photo to ilustrate it.

    Cheers from Mexico (:

    • Mutha Magazine says:

      Dear Aumaury — thank you for your note! We sourced the photo on unsplashed as free to use, and provided the credit. Thank YOU for providing this work and I encourage all readers to learn more about your photography.

    • Rebecca says:

      Thank YOU for this picture! I hope my poetry compliments your love and power behind it!

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