Published on August 15th, 2017 | by Pam Wye


Water I’ve Loved

 Pam Wye draws memories to dissipate anxiety about time passing, draws political skewerings to channel rage at craven politicians, and draws random marks to discover what else is on her mind.

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About the Author


Pam Wye draws, mothers, teaches, protests and yells less at her TV since she became the “resident political cartoonist” for her local Indivisible group – NJ 11th for Change. She has a cartoon published in this summer’s Volume Two of “RESIST!” Magazine published by RAW Books & Graphics and edited by Françoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman.

4 Responses to Water I’ve Loved

  1. Love your wet and wild post….i understand exactly…..

  2. Avatar Caity Bechtel says:

    Oh my lawd, I was just crying and CRYING, about my son not wanting to live w me when he goes to college! I’m completely insane, but at least I know this…. this comic, it’s good to know other people survive. Like when I lost my mom as a teen, I wanted to read everyone’s bio, everything, about people who lost their mother all of a sudden (or the other way) and HOW they went on! So I’m looking at this wondering about you, but you must have plans! I’m in limbo w 20 things atm, I should’ve know the day would come! I guess too, bc I’m a relatively young empty nester, maybe that’s why I’m not handling it w grace & dignity! Also though, all my mom friends, they all kept on having babies and I stopped at one, so they’re not feeling it! My son, though, he’s done w me, but not all the way so I can’t just move to another state- a huge road trip now, that’d make the most sense!
    “The cure for grief is motion.”
    -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  3. Avatar Pam Wye says:

    Hey Caity,
    I feel ya! The first year is hardest. Also, getting hit with Trump made me doubly crazed. I joined my local Indivisible group as their “official political cartoonist” skewering Trump and our Trumpian congressman. I’m working on more chapters for “Water I’ve Loved.” That helps. My sons needed their space but we text with them about 1x week. They grew a lot, need to spread their wings. Back for the summer. This second year is easier! Hang in there!

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