Published on March 7th, 2017 | by Tyler Cohen


Evident Truths

Let’s have each other’s backs in the work ahead. 

Originally published as part of PEN Illustrated’s State of Emergency feature: #ArtistsResist

Come see Tyler Cohen and other MUTHAs at the first-ever LAMBDA Lit Fest in Los Angeles, THIS WEEK!

Psst: You can RSVP on the book of faces here.

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About the Author

Tyler Cohen (She/They) is a cartoonist who likes to mix autobiography and surrealism. Her book, Primahood: Magenta, won the 2017 Bisexual Book Award for Graphic Memoir. Tyler’s work has also appeared online at PEN Illustrated and, and in print in numerous anthologies, including the Eisner Award-winning Drawing Power and Ignatz Award-winning Qu33r. They are a lecturer in Comic Studies at San Francisco State University.

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