Published on September 30th, 2016 | by Tyler Cohen


EBB AND FLOW: A Mama Pants Comic by Tyler Cohen

This excerpt from Ebb & Flow is part of a longer contemplation on bodies at the beginning arc of physical and social transition. As always, I have no answers, only observations and feelings. Read the full story in Primahood: Magenta, available now from

“Mama Pants juxtaposes comics about frequently hilarious, often terrifying, always glorious experience of raising a girl in America with beautifully surreal artwork which explores the Id of parenting itself. Wild and messy, truthfully funny and casually radical, this is an amazing, vibrant, important book.” ~ Michelle Tea, author of Black Wave 

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About the Author

Tyler Cohen

Tyler Cohen is a cartoonist who uses autobiography and surrealism to explore gender, parenthood, race, and female experience in her book Primahood: Magenta–out now from Stacked Deck Press! Her work has appeared in the Ignatz Award-winning anthology, Qu33r,Alphabet, The Feminist Utopia Project, What’s Your Sign, Girl? and online at MUTHA Magazine. Tyler also illustrated her sister Kerry’s memoir, Girl Trouble, available Oct. 2016, Hawthorne Press.

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