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TAKE ME TO THE RIVER: Lacunae, an Elegy for My Mother, Part IV — by Lisa Wilde

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Probably the most liberating part of leaving home was that it gave space to my unconscious. It was my unconscious—rambunctious, repressed, and a little scary—that kept leading me back to self, which in turn led me to the man who became my husband, to women who are still my friends to this day, to aspects of my being that had been deeply buried.

Lacunae: Elegy For My Mother will be serialized over five parts, weekly, on MUTHA Magazine. Read the first chapters here and follow MUTHA for future installments.

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Lisa Wilde is a mother, an artist, and a New York City public high school teacher. Her first book, Yo, Miss: A Graphic Look at High School ( was called one of 2015’s “20 Notable Nonfiction Books You Might Have Missed This Year” by the Huffington Post. She is a Fellow of the New York Academy for Teachers. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and sometimes her college-age son.

2 Responses to TAKE ME TO THE RIVER: Lacunae, an Elegy for My Mother, Part IV — by Lisa Wilde

  1. This is so astonishingly powerful and brings new dimensions to the idea of the graphic. It bursts off the screen. I think this work is totally unique and can’t urge everyone enough to look at this work by Lisa Wilde

  2. Avatar Holly Wolfe says:

    Lovely to see the transition from dark despair to sunshine, light and a new sense of freedom. Beautiful work!

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