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Published on April 14th, 2016 | by Lisa Wilde


MOTHER LOAD: Lacunae, an Elegy for My Mother, Part III — by Lisa Wilde

Lacunae3 1

Lacunae3 2

Lacunae3 3

Lacunae3 4

Lacunae3 5

Lacunae3 6b

Lacunae3 7b

Lacunae3 8

Lacunae3 9

Lacunae3 10b


To be continued…

I think the hardest part of my teenage years was the silence. As you can see in the drawings, by that point I was not allowing anyone in. I see this protection in a number of my students, and—as an adult—the challenge is to help someone feel safe to opening up.

Lacunae: Elegy For My Mother will be serialized over five parts, weekly, on MUTHA Magazine. Read the first chapters here and follow MUTHA for future installments.

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About the Author

Lisa Wilde is an artist, writer and teacher. Her graphic book—Yo, Miss: A Graphic Look at High School (Microcosm Publishing, 2015) was called a “notable comic” by Bill Kartalopoulos in Best American Comics. Lisa’s second graphic book, Lacunae, was serialized at in 2016. Her zine, Yo, Miss #6: Changes—Vengeance, Trump and the Eumenides was short-listed for Broken Pencil’s 2018 zine awards. She is a fellow of the Academy for Teachers.

2 Responses to MOTHER LOAD: Lacunae, an Elegy for My Mother, Part III — by Lisa Wilde

  1. Margot Edman says:

    Really feel this is extraordinary.

  2. Holly Wolfe says:

    I am really pleased that you are able to clearly reveal all of your feelings. Such deep hurt and pain is difficult to read and see in your art. It feels like the most unfair kind of treatment for a child to live through.
    I am amazed and delighted that you were able to make so many good choices through such horrible treatment.

    I think your dad’s deep love and teachings may be a big part of how you survived. I look forward to more.
    Love this!

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