Published on April 28th, 2016 | by Lisa Wilde


LIFE’S LONGING FOR ITSELF: Lacunae, an Elegy for My Mother, Part V — by Lisa Wilde

Lacunae5 1b

Lacunae5 2

Lacunae5 3

Lacunae5 4

Lacunae5 5b

Lacunae5 6b

Lacunae5 7

Lacunae5 8b Lacunae5 9

Lacunae5 10b

Lacunae5 11b

Lacunae5 12b

It has not been easy for me to call myself an artist (and I still feel that some will say it’s hubris), and making Lacunae has been an important step on that path.  This project has also reminded me of the incredible support, help and love I have received on this life journey, which in turn has reinforced my desire to do the same for others.

Part V is the final chapter of Lacunae: an Elegy for My Mother. Read the first chapters if you haven’t yet.

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Lisa Wilde is a mother, an artist, and a New York City public high school teacher. Her first book, Yo, Miss: A Graphic Look at High School ( was called one of 2015’s “20 Notable Nonfiction Books You Might Have Missed This Year” by the Huffington Post. She is a Fellow of the New York Academy for Teachers. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and sometimes her college-age son.

3 Responses to LIFE’S LONGING FOR ITSELF: Lacunae, an Elegy for My Mother, Part V — by Lisa Wilde

  1. Avatar Rachel says:

    This series is absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Avatar Holly Wolfe says:

    Thank you Lisa. I feel more light has warmed my life after reading your words and viewing your simple art. I love the colors and forms that tell your story…pain and joy…hurt and healing.

  3. Avatar sienna says:

    Just finding this now and blown away – the colors and shapes touch something deep.

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