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Published on December 11th, 2015 | by Sacha Mardou


THE STATE I’M IN: A Birth Story in Comics by Sacha Mardou, PART II

This is my story of navigating the messy, flawed, American healthcare system to having a low-key, British-style hospital birth. I’d say it’s pretty comparable, except for the bill you receive afterward.

I’m very grateful to Meg Lemke for holding my virtual hand as I showed her various drafts of this story, and to the cartoonist Lauren Weinstein for having the guts to do it first. In comics!

Part I of Sacha Mardou’s “The State I’m In” is here–you must read that if you haven’t yet. P.S. Mardou’s graphic novel Sky In Stereo just published, so also click that link!

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About the Author

Mardou was born and raised in Manchester, England  and now makes a home in St Louis, MO with her husband and their 10.5 year old daughter. She is the author of the graphic novel series ‘Sky in Stereo’, a trippy ‘coming of age’ story dealing with teenage mental breakdown. You can follow her weekly therapy comics on Instagram @msmardou and Facebook @sachamardou

2 Responses to THE STATE I’M IN: A Birth Story in Comics by Sacha Mardou, PART II

  1. Anne says:

    I think it’s good that your doula was realistic about the possibility of a section. I was reading only Ina May while pregnant with my first and somehow got the idea I could avoid a section by planning a natural homebirth, and didn’t give it another thought. I ended up in hospital, having an emergency c-section. It all worked out in the end but we had to make a lot of decisions very quickly and I wished for my husband’s sake I’d prepared him better. (As an aside I’m an American who had my first baby in England, second in the U.S., and the midwife-led care in the UK was amazing! I missed it terribly the second time around. And the part where it’s all free.)

  2. Pip Tanager says:

    This is AMAZING! I am definitely going to draw my home birth story now. I’m so inspired by your courage at 38 wks and no doc. Thank you for sharing

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