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Baby Dreaming

Published on September 18th, 2014 | by Rachel Masilamani


THE SUBJECT: A Comic by Rachel Masilamani

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This comic is about access to treatment, deciding to have a baby, and how the latter affects the former.

“The Subject” is the second chapter in NON PARTUM, a story which will continue in serial installments on MUTHA. Read the first chapter here, the third chapter here, and fourth here. Subscribe to MUTHA to keep up on all our posts.

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About the Author

Rachel Masilamani is a cartoonist and librarian in Pittsburgh. She teaches and lectures about reading, writing and drawing comics to groups of all ages. Rachel’s work has appeared in literary and comics anthologies online and in print, including The Indiana ReviewAster(ix), PEN International and the Los Angeles Review of Books. She is expanding her work here at Mutha Magazine into a graphic memoir about pregnancy and mothering her son.


2 Responses to THE SUBJECT: A Comic by Rachel Masilamani

  1. KDC says:

    Oh, man…..I kept telling doctors that I had classic thyroid symptoms….finally when I told my doctor that I had been tracking my intake and exercise for 5 months and lost no weight, and that when I fasted for a day I put on 3 pounds of godknowswhat…..because when you fast, you’re not drinking 3 pounds of water….finally he ran all thyroid tests…..he comes back with everything normal, asking them to rerun one test…..

    Then he calls me, you have elevated antibodies, I’d like you to take a low dose of synthroid as it’s shown to slow the progression of the immune response. will I take them? I’m like hell yes. So I started taking them and things slowly get better…..he retests me in a few months and my levels are more in order.

    Another doc retested my antibodies a few years later, and they had gone down like 25%.

    A third doc told me that she would test my thyroid function and if the results were in normal range, she would take me off the medications that were in fact keeping me in normal range. So basically, we are treating you for a thyroid problem and want to check you. If your levels are where they should be under treatment, we will stop treating you. At that point, I played wide eyed and innocent “soooo, what you’re telling me is that your going to test me for thryoid function to make treatment is working, and if results come back showing the treatment is working, you’re going to stop the treatment? Isn’t that called malpractice??” Honestly, that doc apparently missed the one class on thyroid function and never did the makeup reading.

  2. Maria says:

    I love that this is a series! Beautiful work.

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