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Published on May 15th, 2014 | by Rachel Masilamani


PLAN B-200: A Comic by Rachel Masilamani









As I get older, my understanding of what constitutes success and prudence has become more flexible and less dependent on prevailing wisdom.  Still, because I am not a mother, at every stage of life, I remain dependent on outside advice from the world around me—my friends, my magazines, my healthcare providers and the internet—for knowledge about pregnancy. “Plan B-200” is not strictly autobiographical, though it is rooted in real life.

“Plan B-200” begins the story in NON PARTUM, an original series on MUTHA Magazine. Read the next chapters here and here and here.

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About the Author

Rachel Masilamani

Rachel Masilamani is a cartoonist and librarian in Pittsburgh.  Her first comics collection, RPM Comics #1, received a grant from the Xeric Foundation and was named “Best Comic Book” by the Baltimore City Paper.  Since then, her comics have appeared in Meathaus, Street Runoff, Graphics Classics, The Indiana Review and other anthologies.  She was a featured guest and panelist at the 2015 Pittsburgh Indy Comix Festival. Find more of her work at and Zcomx.


3 Responses to PLAN B-200: A Comic by Rachel Masilamani

  1. Avatar Javi says:

    this was breathtakingly brilliant. what complexities are displayed about life, our choices, our desires and what society has to offer to achieve those dreams. thank you for this, im coming back for more!

  2. Avatar Sara says:

    This is beautiful and wise. I can’t wait to read more of it.

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